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Do I need my own hosting?

No we can provide hosting for you for an annual or monthly fee. Our hosting is optimized for our websites and is recommended by us.

You will need to have hosting in place prior to the 2 day build  schedule.

Do I need a domain name?

Yes you do and if you haven't purchased one through us you will need to have one registered prior to the 2 day build schedule. We will need access to it in order to launch the site on day 2.

Can you manage the website for me after it's completed?

Yes we can. we offer a range of maintenance packages so there is sure to be one to meet your needs. It's very important to keep your site secure and up to date as a minimum.

Can I add pages to the website once it's finished?

Yes of course. We include video tutorials to show you how to do this.

Do I need professional photographs?

Whilst we recommend professional photographs to best showcase your business we can use stock photography or your best images to get the site up and running. You can always change them out later. Don't delay getting your site up if professional photos aren't in the budget just yet!

What if I need to reschedule?

Just let us know and we'll reschedule for you.

Does The Weekend Website package include SEO?

We include an SEO plugin. We do offer an additional monthly service for full SEO optimization. We would be glad to send you details once the website is complete.

Do I need to hire a copywriter for my content?

No you don't. You can write all the content yourself - after all you know your business better than anyone. However, we have found from experience that content is the stumbling block for most people and you many find the investment in a copywriter is well worth it. We would be happy to recommend someone.

Do I need to be available on the days of the build?

Whilst we don't need you to be physically present it can be useful to be available for any questions that might crop up. If we can call, text or email you during the 2 day build that is useful.

Will the website be eCommerce ready?

We offer two packages. If you wish to sell online choose the eCommerce package.

If you wish to add eCommerce functionality at a later date please contact us and we can do that for you for an extra fee.

How soon can I book my Weekend Website build?

If you have all your stuff together book now! Seriously what are you waiting for?
If not we recommend that you book two weeks in advance in order for you to gather your content (branding, images, text, etc).
If you're not sure what you need exactly just ask - we have a prep guide just for you.

Will I be able to add more functionality to my website after you've built it for me?

Absolutely. We will provide you with a modern, robust website that is scalable for your business needs.

What if I need a membership site at some point?

Whilst this isn't included in our standard packages we can add this functionality to your site. It just night take longer than 2 days as it's a little more complex. Talk to us about your needs so we can quote you.

What happens after The Weekend Website is built?

Once we have launched your site at the end of day 2 we will be available for a period of 30 days to fix any bugs.

We will also provide you with video training on how to use your website and add new content or edit existing content.

We have several maintenance packages that are available for you and we are always available for further consultancy and business/website development through our parent company Maple Moon Web Design Inc.

Don't see the answer you need?

Just contact us - we're here to help!

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