• The Process

  • How we build a website in a weekend!

Place Your Order

You choose the theme, domain name and all the options you want for your website.

Content Collection

We send you easy to complete forms to gather your content. Be warned this one's on you - you know your business better than anyone! Whilst we can make the process easy for you we won't create the content. The website process can't start until this phase is complete.

Install WordPress

Now we're rocking and rolling! We'll set up your hosting and domain and install WordPress. You can choose to use our hosting service or provide the details of your own. We're happy to recommend Siteground to all our clients and have a special offer just for you!

Install Your Theme

Now the magic starts to happen. We will install your chosen theme and set it up with our basic plugin package plus any options you have selected.

Add Your Content

Remember all that content you worked so hard on? We'll add it to the bones of your website. It's really starting to take shape now!

Tweak The Design

Any design changes that you requested or that you realise you need after seeing the content added are made at this stage. We're getting close to done now.

Testing Testing!

Nearly there! We thoroughly test all aspects of the site including forms and shopping carts (if selected).


Your site is ready to go! Time to celebrate and tell the world.

Training & Support

We give you 30 days to report back any issues to be fixed. We will also set up your chosen support package and arrange any training that you have selected.

  • Let’s build an awesome website together.

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